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Information Portal about Ukraine and Ukrainian women

Ukraine Traditions and Feminism.

Sometimes you can hear: Ukraine is 20 years behind the West. Hm... it might not be a bad thing "to be behind" sometimes. Especially if we talk about relationships between men and women. I won't take a risk to discuss the problems of social, political, and economic inequality between men and women. Let's leave these problems to feminists.

I would only like to remind you, that God created men and women with unique, but different natural abilities. Both men and women have their strong and weak sides. Very often we become excessively aggressive trying to adjust ourselves to modern society. Sometimes it is really necessary. But let's just remember not to put down our nature.

Like practically everywhere in the world, you won't see very refined manners in Ukraine. But being "20 years behind the West", Ukrainians still remember that men should be strong and assertive and women should be smart and beautiful. Following these stereotypes of Ukraine traditions, you will look good in public and women will admire you. It is considered proper for men to do such things for women:

• Open the door and let her in or out first.

• Assist woman entering or exiting a vehicle or public transportation.

• Help them put on and take off their coats.

• Help them carry heavy bags.

• Pour their drinks and serve their food first. Don't expect her to uncork the bottles!

• Light their cigarettes (even if it means rubbing two sticks together).

• On public transportation, man offers his seat to coming in mothers with children, the old or infirm, and women. Don't try to make flirt with a lady who is standing by you, while you are sitting! You will fail.

• If you invite a woman somewhere, be prepared to pay for everything. If you invite a man, he'll pay for himself. There's a good chance he'll pay for you as well without telling you about it.

• Ukrainian women consider it unfeminine to shake hands when they meet.

• According to Ukraine traditions you should never kiss a woman on her forehead. It is reserved for funerals.

By the way, proper Ukraine traditions are carefully watched by our "Vice Squad". Our babushkas (old women) spend the most part of their day sitting on the benches by the apartments.

They are active, pushy, know everybody and everything. Don't argue with them if they say you don't behave proper, it would be better to disappear.


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