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Tired of coming home to an empty house? Tired of travelling alone? Browse our site, find new friends, connect on a friendly compassionate level. If you have the passion for new adventures, this site provides every opportunity to find a beautiful, caring, and compassionate woman that could end up changing your life.

About Travel girls.
Our site is the leading online dating site for those with a passion to travel.
It is a secure and lively travel-dating portal for you to enjoy Your ideal travel mate is here!
If you are a first time or a regular traveler, feel free to search and meet beautiful like minded potential partners. Even if your resources are limited, this site is for you.
Please browse our photo profiles. Meet a variety of Russian women that are willing to share in your experience. You might just find the one that has been waiting for you to contact her. Once you have found the woman that best suits you, plan the perfect trip to a location that you have always wanted to experience.
We match members around the world that are seeking travel companions. We provide thorough profiles of Russian, Ukrainian, and women from Belarus.
Immersing yourself in a new and exotic destinations with a woman that is interested and matched up perfectly with you will be the experience that will change your life forever. You have the power to live a life you have only seen in the movie theatre.

Travel Dating Girl

Why travel alone when you can travel with the perfect partner

Single individuals seem to have very little time for dating these days. Naturally, the limited free time for dating is often sullied by the simple fact that the individual has nothing in common with the person sitting across from them. Therefore, more and more singles are turning to dating sites in hopes of finding a like minded partner.

Our site offers this precious opportunity. The site is constructed so that an individual can meet numerous like minded women, form friendships, understand each others passions, realize each others goals, and in time narrow it down to that one special lady.

Naturally, individuals using our site understand there will be some travel involved. Not to worry. When you see your beauty that you have been skyping with for the past year all of your aches and pains will disappear. It is important to know that Russian woman love to travel and appreciate every experience. easier.

Below is a list of the benefits of travelling with your potential partner.

1. Adventure partner-someone that can experience and verify all the crazy stories.

2. There is no better way to spend substantial one on one time. You will undoubtedly encounter stressful situations while on your trip and working through these situations will strengthen your relationship.

3. So much time together will reveal much of that persons character help with decisions on whether to move forward or not.

4. You have a partner to take pictures of you instead of the arms-length-selfi that no one wants to see.

5. You will know the person sitting next to you on the plane, train, or buss. That is worth is weight in gold.

6. Travelling with a partner is generally more safe than travelling alone especially for the female.

7. Travelling together allows the Russian woman to practice her English and the man to improve his Russian. The more Russian a man can speak the more impressive he is to the woman.

8. Naturally, experiencing exotic locations around the world is so much more fulfilling if experienced with someone you care about.

Tips for Finding that Special Travel Partner.

You’re not as young as you used to be. Time is a precious commodity. Most likely your friends are married and have obligations that do not involve you. What if a website existed not only offers traveling companions, but beautiful Russian female travel companions that were excited to travel with you?

Here are a few tips for finding that potential life changing travel partner:

1. As you communicate with these women, consider your interests versus their interests. Don't force the issue. You want a female that is interested in the same travel destinations and has the same intentions for the vacation.

2. Do your best to understand if you are compatible with the woman. Does she enjoy site seeing, dancing, exploring, etc. Its important you want the same things from the trip.

3. Budget the trip. If you have plans to visit the most expensive museums and restaurants, your potential travel partner might not have the means to do all of that. You don't want to make the trip uncomfortable. A budget and a travel plan is very important.

4. Ask your partner where she has been. Ask her if she has ever had any bad experiences while traveling. Pay attention to what she says and what she might not like. Pay attention!

5. You will want to be on the same page before the trip commences. Where does she want to go? Where do you want to go? Do you want to stay in a hotel, vacation home, etc? You will want to have these questions answered to avoid discomfort.

Our agency is uniting men and women

uniting men and women

Our dating agency is not only dedicated in finding you a travel partner, but also a woman whom you can chat with, or fell in love with, whom you can share your lonely days, life, love and passion.

Our website offers the opportunity to explore a variety of beautiful Russian women that are very interested in travel, friendship, and creating long lasting relationships.

This is not a virtual tour of another persons adventures. This is a portal to your adventure that could potentially change your life. The women that join our site are serious about finding a life partner and are pre-screened accordingly.

Look over our site. View the available Russian and Ukrainian beauties. Let us help to make your dreams come true. We know that your time is valuable. Let us add value to your life and introduce you to the woman that might just become your travel partner, life long friend, mother of your children, envy of your friends, and breathtaking wife!


uniting men and women
We do not sell contact data of the girls. You are just communicating in a safe way on the site and searching for your destiny. We do not pay to anybody for writing of emails. We have real people on the site who search for real relationships. Never react to requests of sending money or presents. If somebody is asking you about that report this woman to manager.

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Kazakhstan, Almaty

      We at the Russian Travel Dating Site want to thank you for visiting. Searching for your soul mate is not an easy journey. We want to ensure that your experience with us is legitimate and beneficial. The professionals that have created this site and play a part in the everyday operations have created the most direct path to your Russian or Ukrainian match.

      As you will see, we do not use interpreters. After creating your profile and completing the registration, you will have the opportunity to speak directly with the women you are interested in. Every registered user knows that their words are seen and felt by their soon to be travel partner.

     We understand the world is ever changing. Extended work hours, the cost to live increasing on a monthly basis, and free time a reality that is only seen in the movies, have created a world where finding a partner seems impossible. Fortunately, technology has afforded individuals all over the world the opportunity to meet via the laptop. Our mission is to show you that this site is a wonderful opportunity to meet the woman you have been searching for.

     If your attraction is mutual, dialogue is developing easily, subjects for conversations become more personal, then advice of some other persons will be not needed. Between pople in love there is some special energetics that cannot be understood by other people. So pieces of advice given by other people quite often can be ruining. If something in communication with the person whom you love starts to make you nevous then stop for a moment, look at relationships from a side and think if where are you going and if you are going with the right person.

Do not miss your chance!

Our Russian and Ukrainian girls are packed and ready to travel. However, most women registered on our Dating Site are interested not only in finding travelling partner. They are looking for partners that are interested in life long friendships, relationships, and marriage.

What women do you like? What foreign bride are you seacrhing for? Look through galleries of women on our international dating sit and make your choice. Maybe she is brunette? Or blonde? Big smile and cheerful glance? Or maybe you will see a warm glance of a woman who is waiting for you?

Our site helps to lonely hearts to find each other. We will help you to find your travel partner, life long friend or future wife!

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